We are a small family farm who enjoys our critters and their products. We offer our surplus critters and fibers for sale to offset their upkeep. Youngsters are seasonal so please understand they are not always avalible for sale. Handspun is also a one of a kind, possibly not to be repeated exactly the same twice. It is not made in bulk by machines, just a normal human!

Fiber lambs

$400-200 for breeding stock, $175-250 wethers. Lambs have arived! Cormo, Finn, Romney, and BFL crosses.. 10 lambs availble

Angora rabbits

Two litters due in a few weeks. $75 each after weaning. German French crosses.

Pygora goat kids

Breeding stock $400 and wethers $200. Currently waiting for the does to kid. Twin Saanan Pygora cross kids avalible now as bottle kids. $150 each, $200 each after weaning.

Handspun yarns

Many differnt one of a kind yarns are avalible. It is best if you come see them for yourself. 10-35 cents per yard depending on fiber type. Custom spinning is also avalible.

Mystery bats of spinning fibers

$5 per one once bat. Mixed fibers of unknown percentages. Many different types of wool, alpaca, angora, Pygora and silks may be used. every one is unique!